Print edition of the New Testament

You can FREELY download from this page different layouts of the New Testament to help you with your studies of scripture.

At present we only provide the King James Version of the New Testament, since it is in the public domain.

The reasons we provide the New Testament in a nicely formatted edition is to:
  • Allow people from all over the world to easily access AND print God's word.
  • Make it easier  to read and annotate
  • Study God's word more effectively!
God's word is meant to be studied in order to be applied to ones life. Some people are afraid to really study, mark, underline and annotate their Bibles because either there is not enough space (or the paper is too thin), or they do not want them to be "blemished".

Too often God's word is "read" and not studied  (even though one must read in order to study). We find that it is easier to study and remember scripture passages by marking, writing notes and annotating them. We believe that having a nicely formatted version of the New Testament, which can be printed at will, on normal paper, will encourage people to really "plow" through God's word and help them assimilate scripture.

Sample page with the words of Jesus in bold:
(click image to enlarge)

Page sample with words of Jesus in bold

Sample page with the words of Jesus in red:
(click image to enlarge)

sample page with words of Jesus in red

Features and Benefits:

  • Two column format which makes it easier and faster to read
  • Nice typset font which makes reading enjoyable
  • Larger font size than traditional Bibles
  • Ample spacing between lines for easy annotation and markings
  • Margins that allow for personal notes
  • Jesus words in red or in bold, to easily distinguish His sayings
  • pdf file format which allows you to print as many copies as you want, whether the whole New Testament or specific books and epistles.
  • Great for bible studies.

Download (approx. 2MB):

Download the versions that suites you best. In order to view and print these files you will need to download and install the free Acrobat Reader.

LETTER - size (For Americans) A4 - size
Words of Jesus in red - Download
Words of Jesus in bold - Download
Words of Jesus in red - Download
Words of Jesus in bold - Download

We  provide the words of Jesus in red and in bold. The reason we have a "bold" edition is due to the fact that it is significantly cheaper to print black and white pages rather than color. If you have a color printer and only want to print a few pages at a time then the "red" edition will suite you best. However if you want to print the whole New Testament at a print shop, it will cost you a lot less to print the "bold" edition.

We welcome all suggestions concerning the  "print edition" of the New Testament. Please fill in the form below.

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Your donations are most welcome as they help us pay for our "hosting costs" and "bandwidth usage".
However if you cannot afford anything, please accept the print edition of the New Testament as a gift.
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